Managed Security for Any Cloud. Anywhere!

Consistently defend your valuable data and applications, no matter where they’re located. Extend and scale Stealth Grid battle-proven cloud end-to-end split encrypted security and threat intelligence capabilities to public clouds or even your own internal IT environments.

Managed Security

Extend your team with our security experts to defend your sensitive, regulated data 24/7/365.

Easier Compliance

Simplify PCI and HIPAA compliance efforts with clear mapping of our solution to key regulatory controls.

Detection & Remediation

Rely on our experts to identify and help you remediate security threats to your workloads.

Turnkey Security

Easy installation puts carefully selected, integrated and tuned best-in-class tools to work for you with Stealth Cloud Split encryption

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Features & Benefits

Stealth Cloud enterprise solution for syncing and split encrypting to multiple storage locations. The current technology offers a seamless interface for cloud data storage which allows the user to choose multiple platforms to send the split encrypted data, plus split encrypting on employees devices.

The safety of our application utilizes several factors; the most important is our proprietary split encryption and security, which stores the parts of each file on different cloud providers as well as our offshore servers. . Only the users know where the split files were sent and they can only open these files on their specific devices. (Zero knowledge to us).

Our staff will work with you to develop custom and seamless integration for secure data storage .


24-7 Security

Your cloud environments are defended 24/7 by Stealth Grid highly experienced security operations center, led by experts with military and IT security expertise.

Patch Monitoring

Consistent patching is a cornerstone of maintaining a strong security posture. Stealth Cloud regularly scans your operating system, identifies necessary and available patches and provides that list to you so you can ensure your OS is consistently up to date. Easily see via the Stealth Cloud Management Portal which instances need to be patched and whether a reboot is

Malware Protection

Stealth Cloud protects your environment from malware and viruses deployed to infect your data, monitor your activity or leverage your servers for illicit activity. Using an enterprise-class malware protection application, our security team regularly reviews scan results, remediates issues and utilizes activity logs from these scans to provide security event correlation.

External Vulnerability Scans

Find potential points of risk to help minimize the surface area of a potential attack. Determine which IPs you want to scan as well as your preferred scan time each month. Armor delivers the scan results to you along with recommendations for remediation of any vulnerabilities

Log & Event Management

Stealth Cloud captures log events from OS locations to proactively identify issues and enhance correlation activities. Search and view your logs for the past 90 days through the Stealth Grid Management Portal. All logs are retained by Stealth Grid for 13 months to satisfy compliance requirements.

OS File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor critical OS files for changes that may indicate threat actor activity in your environment. With constant changes and updates to your operating system, it can be easy to miss changes to files. By zeroing in on the changes that shouldn’t be occurring to your OS files, Stealth Cloud makes it difficult for hackers to hide in your environment