Split Encrypted communication starts—and ends—here. Stealth cloud provides encrypted communications, from the start to the finish. End-to-end encryption for email, voice calling, messaging, phone calls and cloud storage couldn’t be easier

End-to-end email encryption, protecting your message from outbox to inbox and back. Send an encrypted email from anywhere, to any recipient—no additional software or plug-ins required. Utilizing a split encrypted gateway

Call with enterprise-grade, hosted, full-featured PBX and encrypted calling to businesses and individuals. Desktop Phone, PC, or Mobile – Communicate via IP desk phone, PC, smart phone, or tablet.

VC equals Video Chat, Video Conferencing, Video Collaboration, and Video Calling; all split encrypted and much more. A direct end-to-end encrypted channel is created between you and the other party.

End-to-end split encrypted, secure, file management. Your data is split encrypted while in motion and at rest, and the password used to encrypt the data is not stored in any database, ensuring added security.

With your business and personal information constantly under siege by hackers, corporations, and government agencies, you can’t afford to go unprotected. Stealth Cloud makes privacy easy and accessible.

Split Encrypted Calling

Easy one-click encryption with PGP, S/MIME and PDF. Send from anywhere, to anyone, from any email client

Split Encrypted Cloud

Sync and share safely from our fully offshore servers. Never worry about data leaks again.

Split Encrypted Email

Easy one-click encryption with PGP, S/MIME and PDF. Send from anywhere, to anyone, from any email client

Split Encrypted Calling

Down the street or around the world, your calls are always secure and crystal-clear.

Simplifying Unified Communications as a Service

Complex and expensive: That about sums up the world of enterprise communications. But it doesn’t have to be. With unified communications as a service (UCaaS), businesses can realize the promise of a simpler, more cost effective way to communicate and collaborate.

The Real Goal

Effective UCaaS promises to deliver seamless, secure, and cost-effective communications—across multiple channels (voice, text, video, etc.), and on different devices, anywhere the user needs it.

UCaaS in a Nutshell

What if you could deal with one service that provided global, complete communications? Take the initial promise and savings from VoIP, combine them with other digital communications.

Global UC

Global, cloud-based platforms have already transformed some industries: think AirBnB in hospitality, Uber in transportation, or Amazon Web Services in data storage. What about enterprise communications?

Multiple Pay-offs

At a Davos World Economic Forum panel on digital transformation, Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) stated “My view is that the future belongs to the fast.” Marc Benioff of Salesforce agreed: “Speed is the new currency of business.”

UCaaS offers immediate cost-savings by reducing capital investments and inefficient operational expenditures. It also offers speed and flexibility.

  • More flexibility to extend communications, faster, to new offices and employees;
  • Faster, enterprise-wide software upgrades of existing services;
  • Easier adoption of new IP-based communications technologies.

UCaaS allows IT to focus scarce resources on helping lines-of business (LOBs) achieve their business goals. IT can align faster and better with LOBs and play a bigger role in the digital transformation of their organization.

And thinking ahead, a global platform can provide real-time visibility on enterprise communications. Digital channels allow IT administrators to gather data on actual usage and the context of multi-channel communications. Such insights can be used to optimize workflows, employee collaboration, and customer engagement in contact centers and offices.

Traditional Technology

Meets Modern Delivery

The Stealth Cloud enterprise encrypted communications platform provides traditional PBX functionality of an on-premise telecom solution without the traditional burdens – capacity management, CAPEX spend, platform maintenance, and unpredictable costs from various access provide – to name a few. We manage everything so you don’t have to.

Break free from the traditional desktop environment. With our cloud-based platform, you get much more than just a phone system. Employees can easily access all of their encrypted business communications tools (presence, IM, SMS, MMS, audio & video conferencing and web collaboration) from any device using a single work phone number. Stealth Cloud facilitates seamless teamwork by helping groups connect more quickly and with less complication.

Single Global Network

Carrier Management Made Simple

With Stealth Cloud, you have a single carrier network. We manage the network so you don’t have to. Stealth Cloud leverages a resilient cloud infrastructure and QoS-engineered network to deliver the best enterprise-class IP PBX voice service available. All for a fraction of the cost of legacy premise-based systems.

Localized Calling Experience

Local phone numbers & familiar calling experience across the globe

Many business VoIP providers can provide you a call connection to another country, but what is the experience for the caller?

Will the dial tone sound familiar? What about the ring tone that you hear while waiting for the person on the other end to answer the call? Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

At Stealth Cloud, end user experience is our priority. We offer a localized calling experience to our end users across the globe. We believe that seamless is more and this is just one way that we simplify the business communications experience.

Fixed-Price Calling

Predictable international costs

We look at pricing differently at Stealth Cloud. Local vs long distance calling tiers are a thing of the past – with one global network, we are able to extend unlimited calling capabilities across the globe. What’s more, Stealth Cloud offers the largest selection of countries available in a single un metered price bundle. If you prefer predictable monthly costs for global calling, we’ve got you covered!