Internet of Things Advanced Security –

Stealth Grid, is a purpose-built Advanced Security platform for IoT developers enabling them to split encrypt and compress all IoT data in transit and at rest.

Benefits – As an IoT developer your expertise is delivering the latest IoT innovation. Ours is securing it. Let us take the difficulty out of IoT security for you and your customers. Stealth Cloud delivers peace of mind, speed, and simplicity for IoT developers tasked with securing their IoT offering.

  • Simple to deploy. Designed for IoT developers in mind with simple replacement of insufficient Open Source tools such as SSL/TLS or AES
  • Get to market faster. Today’s IoT market is a race. Stealth Cloud is turnkey so you don’t waste time getting it to work. More time in market, happier product teams and customers
  • Take the risk out of IoT. Stop piecing together separate security tools for data in motion and data at rest that can leave you exposed. Stealth Cloud provides complete protection of your data in all states to reduce your risk
  • Purpose-Built for IoT. This isn’t your Dad’s Oldsmobile. Small footprint. Low Resource Requirements. Designed for the trusted endpoints of IoT.


  • Split Encryption and optimization of all data. Every byte is optimized and encrypted – no byte is ever sent in the clear vs SSL/TLS. Data is compressed up to 80% to save on bandwidth and storage costs
  • Designed for your battery/no direct power devices. Works in CACHE memory – fast, efficient very low CPU utilization to keep mission critical devices cooler, up and running and your users thrilled
  • Faster, more secure and more complete than open source. Complete handshake 50x faster – compress and encrypt in a single pass of the data
  • Say goodbye to losing encryption keys. Leave the expense and risk of key management and a Hardware Security Module behind for data

How It Works

Stealth Grid follows a simple client/endpoint and server model. Software that installs on IoT applications and devices, server or Cloud. Split encrypts and optimizes all data on or between those connections for advanced IoT security. Replaces open source libraries and other expensive custom development.

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