Quantum-Secure Network Encryption – High performance, quantum-safe network encryption solutions for the protection of data in transit.

Quantum Key Distribution – The ultimate in quantum security for long-term data protection; guaranteeing provably secure dynamic key exchange for dynamic encryption and other security devices on point-to-point backbone and storage networks.

Quantum Key Generation – Truly random encryption keys and unique digital tokens for secure crypto operations.

Quantum Secure Authentication – Utilizing our quantum split encryption authentication

Providing long-term data protection in a post-quantum world. We harness the unique properties of quantum mechanics, developing quantum-secure solutions. Our Quantum Key Generation, Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum-Secure Network Encryption and Authentication solutions for data.

StealthCrypto™ Mesh Network Delivered Quantum Entropy

Cryptography with StealthCrypto™ Quantum powered entropy engine that provide full quantum entropy (one bit of quantum entropy per output bit) at the rates necessary for data center, cloud, largescale internet of things (IoT), and mobile applications. This will increase with the adoption of our decentralized Quantum mesh network that will create a quantum supercomputer.

StealthCrypto distributes true entropy from a quantum source to properly seed random number generation across data centers and networked devices (a similar concept to network time protocol (NTP) for ensuring access to consistent date/time).

  • Cryptography
  • IBE Authentication
  • Crypto-currency
  • Tokenization
  • Authentication
  • Digital Identity
  • Payments
  • Communications

Tamper protection of their cryptographically sensitive parts with repeaters instead of trusted-nodes. These devices will relay quantum signals without measuring them, and will thus not require any specific cryptographic protection.

Although it is traditionally implemented over optical fiber links, QKD will work over the decentralized global mesh network a handheld device and a fixed terminal such as an ATM. Once loaded, key material is gradually consumed to secure communications.

One StealthCrypto™ autonomous Global ID, on Blockchain and under your control by creating a single digital identity. Provide a Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) global ecosystem that is far superior than existing ID systems, which is global in nature, but yet secure, private and available on demand.

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