Leverage the Cloud

Stealth Grid makes it possible for businesses to execute comprehensive, integrated split encrypted multi-cloud and networking strategies. Accelerate Your Business with Stealth Hybrid Cloud

Stealth Cloud is a catalyst for IT transformation, helping organizations quickly and effectively respond to external and internal forces. Gain the full benefit of hybrid cloud infrastructure by identifying and implementing your right mix of public and private cloud combined with traditional IT.

Stealth Grid solutions provide simplicity, security, authentication, governance, and speed for your private, and managed clouds demands. Utilizing StealthCrypto™ Quantum cryptographic technology.

Using StealthCrypto™ Quantum powered entropy engine that provide full quantum entropy (one bit of quantum entropy per output bit) at the rates necessary for data center, cloud, large-scale internet of things (IoT), and mobile applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure Access Anywhere – With secure mobile and desktop apps.
  • Privacy and Security First – Split Encryption technology, privacy policy, and protection.
  • Backup – Know your data is safe and secure.
  • Share – Your team on track and your partners in the Loop.
  • Collaborate – Making online collaboration private, secure, and simple.
  • Sync – Your files are up-to-date no matter when or where you access them.
  • Secure – Your files with Stealth Cloud Split encryption.

The Security of Things: Mitigating Risk in IoT

Understanding the key security considerations when building an IoT platform, and details why enlisting the help of a trusted platform provider may be your best bet.

When it comes to the Internet of Things, good security must extend from the device to the cloud. There are The Security of Things: Mitigating Risk in IoT many elements to consider, and it’s critical to not underestimate the elevated risk many IoT devices may pose.

Stealth Grid products provide security for IoT devices. From IoT gateways to the smallest IoT devices, our solutions allow OEMs to build security into the device. Stealth Grid helps create IoT devices that operate with the IT management system as trusted, securely authenticated, end-to- end and managed IT assets.