Cloud Security

Unwavering Protection for Your Precious Data & Applications, Regardless of Location! 

Unwavering Protection for Your Precious Data and Applications, Regardless of Location.
Expand and amplify the battle-proven cloud end-to-end split encrypted security and threat intelligence prowess of Stealth Grid to envelop public clouds and your internal IT environments.

Rest assured that your valuable assets are consistently shielded wherever they may reside. 


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Managed Security 

Extend your team with our security experts to defend your sensitive, regulated data 24/7/365.

Easier Compliance 

Simplify PCI and HIPAA compliance efforts with clear mapping of our solution to key regulatory controls.

Detection & Remediation 

Rely on our experts to identify and help you remediate security threats to your workloads.

Turnkey Security 

Easy installation puts carefully selected, integrated and tuned best-in-class tools to work for you with Stealth Cloud Split encryption

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Uncompromising Security for Your Valuable Data and Applications, Wherever They Reside

Empower your business with the formidable strength of Stealth Grid's battle-proven cloud end-to-end split encrypted security and cutting-edge threat intelligence capabilities. Extend this exceptional protection not only to public clouds but also to your internal IT environments. Your valuable assets will be safeguarded with unwavering consistency, regardless of location.


Enhanced Core Security Features

Stealth Grid's highly experienced Security Operations Center stands guard 24/7 to protect your cloud environments. Led by experts with military and IT security expertise, we ensure constant surveillance and rapid response to any potential threats.

Maintaining a robust security posture is paramount, and consistent patching is crucial. With Stealth Cloud, your operating system undergoes regular scanning, identifying required patches, and updating them promptly. Our user-friendly Stealth Cloud Management Portal allows you to view instances needing patching and assess reboots.

Quantum Cloud provides top-tier malware protection, shielding your environment from malicious software and viruses. We thwart attempts to infect your data, monitor your activities, or misuse your servers for illicit purposes. Our security team regularly reviews scan results, takes corrective actions, and leverages activity logs to correlate security events effectively.

To minimize potential attack surfaces, we conduct comprehensive external vulnerability scans. You can control selecting IPs for scanning and determining preferred scan times each month. Our dedicated team, Stealth Grid delivers detailed scan results and provides remediation recommendations for any identified vulnerabilities.

Stealth Cloud captures log events from OS locations, enabling us to identify issues and enhance correlation activities proactively. With our Stealth Grid Management Portal, you can conveniently search and view logs for the past 90 days. Furthermore, we retain all logs for 13 months to comply with regulatory requirements..

Hackers often exploit changes to critical OS files, but Stealth Cloud covers you. Our OS File Integrity Monitoring diligently tracks and scrutinizes crucial OS files for any unauthorized alterations that could indicate malicious activity. We keep your environment fortified against hidden threats by identifying and flagging suspicious changes.

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